Tutorial 2000-2003:
        The program VEC released. Click the left thumbnail for the tutorial.

[1] Invited lectures by Fan Hai-fu at Interntional Kunming Symposium on Microscopy, Kunming, China (2000) and Euro Summer School on Electron Crystallography, Barcelona, Spain (2001). Powerpoint slides
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Enlarged image 1994:
        Incommensurate modulation in the Bi-2212 high Tc superconductor was studied by direct-method processing of the electron-microscopy image

Z.Q. Fu, D.X. Huang, F.H. Li, J.Q. Li, Z.X. Zhao, T.Z. Cheng & H.F. Fan, Ultramicroscopy, 54, 229-236 (1994) PDF file
Enlarged image

        2-step image processing tested with experimental EM and ED of copper chlorinated phthalocyanine

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Enlarged image

        Resolution enhancement by structure-factor extrapolation (in both magnitude and phase) was tested with the theoretical electron-microscopy image of copper chlorinated phthalocyanine

Liu Yi-wei, Fan Hai-fu & Zheng Chao-de, Acta Cryst. A44, 61-63 (1988). PDF file

Enlarged image:
      Deconvolution and enhancement of the 
      theoretical electron-micrroscopy image of 
      copper chlorinated phthalocyanine Enlarged image:
      Deconvolution of theoretical 
      electron-microscopy images of
      copper chlorinated phthalocyanine 
      at various defocus values

        Two-step image processing in HREM was proposed and simulating tests on phase extension and image deconvolution were performed

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