OASIS (project started in 1988)

        Current version:
        OASIS 4.2 - a program of direct-method phasing based on a partial model with or without SAD/SIR information.

VEC (project started in 1994)
        A program package for visual computing in electron crystallography. The program is written in C++ and Fortran.

DIMS (project started in 1991)
        A direct-method program written in Fortran for solving one-dimensionally modulated structures and composite structures consists of two sub-systems.

SAPI (project started in 1985)
        The name SAPI is an abbreviation of "Structure Analysis Programs with Intelligent control". It may also be read inversely as "Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica". SAPI is written in Fortran for crystallographic calculations and C++ for graphic operations. SAPI is based on MULTAN and differs from it mainly by the ability of resolving phase ambiguities due to pseudo symmetry.